Pinsent’s Poutine Perfection

I often find myself scouring the FM dial for amazing ads. You read it right. Radio has long been revered as the red-headed stepchild of the advertising world. But once in a brilliant while, you happen upon something that truly surprises and satisfies.

Gordon Pinsent ruled my radio in the summer of ‘12. The Canadian icon, best known for his prowess on screen and on stage, took airwaves by storm in a flurry of cheese curds, gravy and fresh cut spuds. His husky voice lowered to a whimsical murmur, Pinsent pitched poutine, promising an experience comparable to ‘finding the perfect pair of jeans for your kitten – little designer ones that sit low on the hips, so that little kitten can work those little designer jeans all sassy-like’ among other wondrously tongue-in-cheek moments of perfection.

Created by Toronto agency Juniper Park, the ads employed the tagline “Poutine Perfected” and announced the addition of new premium creations – like Butter Chicken Poutine and Braised Beef Poutine – to the New York Fries menu.

You can listen to the spots on the NYF website in their Ad Museum. And a museum is where works of art like this campaign belong.


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